Naot is an international success story.  When the members of Kibbutz Naot Mordechai founded the Kibbutz Shoe Factory in 1942 as a one room workshop, no one imagined that in fifty years’ time their shoes would be worn all over the world.  The small shoe factory that made simple work shoes and sandals has become an international business and is now Israel’s leading manufacturer and exporter of shoes.

Kayla Black
Kayla Slate
Kayla Stone
Adina Stone/Beige/Lilac
Trancoso Mocha Brown
Verbena Coffee
Verbena Soft Black
Verbena Beige Lizard
Begonia Dune/Cork/Latte Brown
Amadora Mocha Brown
Amadora Stone
Dorith Black
Dorith Latte Brown Leather
Dorith Gold Threads Leather
Dorith Polar Sea Leather
Judith Coffee/Black/Hawaiian Brown
Blake Amber/Maple
Blake Brick/Red
Aisha Nude/Saddle Brown
Enid Slate
Enid Latte Brown
Brussels Camel
Brussels Ash
Wand Black
Wand Amber
Yarrow Coffee Bean
Gwyneth Khaki/Beige
Gwyneth Ink Blue
Rise Black
Rise Latte Brown
Blaire Stone/Khaki/Beige
Marita Crazy Horse Leather (Brown)
Marita Black
Beverly Nude/Blue
Beverly Black/Hawaiian Brown
Sophia Maple Brown/Latte Brown
Kapua Stone Nubuck
Alisio Beige/Shitake/Mauve
Rari Black
Rari Mocha Brown
Arataki Black
Arataki Grey Shimmer
Kirei Black
Rongo Black
Rongo Latte Brown
Rongo Vintage Slate
Lodos Cheetah Suede
Helm Soft Brown/Cheetah

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