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If your shoes are anything less than perfect, come see what we can do!



Alfonso has been with Adrian's for over 40 years and is the most experienced cobbler in town. Serving as an apprentice for his father Jesse, Alfonso is an expert in the trade. He exemplifies what it means to be a true shoe repair artist. He does everything from re-soling damaged footwear to fixing ripped seams on your luggage.

Shoe Sole Repair


Pricing for repairs can vary greatly. Typically we can give an approximate quote after seeing the work that needs to be done but sometimes we may not know how much work something is until our cobbler begins his work. If you have any questions about whether specific work is possible or how much a repair would cost, please stop in and let us see what needs to be done, we can work with you to figure out the best solution in getting your shoes looking good as new! The pricing listed on this page is only approximate and often times can change depending on your shoes. In addition to repairing shoes, we have repaired purses, belts, saddles and much more! If you have a question on repairing something that "may sound crazy," stop in and we can see what we can do!

Shoe Polish


Shine: $15-$45

Clean: Min $30
Re-sole: $70-$165

Solegaurd: $45-$65
Re-heel: $20-$60
Rips: min $10 per area
Tuff Toe: $55
New zipper: $20 + $6-$12/in
New zipper slide: $20-$25 
Sole reattachment: $15-$20 per shoe
Heel plates: $10 per pair
​Stretches: $20-$25, $30 minimum for calf
Corrections: $35/quarter inch

Shoe Repair: Services
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